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About us
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Central Asia Travel LLC works in the field of international trade, tour and hospitality services in which we have been running in hospitality services including restaurant since 2010 and also particularly specializing in complex tour services since 2013.


Our powerful team including well-experienced, multilingual managers and tour guides offers unforgettable, extraordinary tour with high quality, cost flexibility and hospitality in compliance with international standards for national and international guests, travelers and adventurers. 



  • Available for international tourists from all over the world who want exposure to Mongolian beautiful nature, cultural and historical heritages, and nomadic or traditional lifestyle


  • Tour experience share and international tour routes for national tourists who want exposure to the cultural divergences, social and geographical varieties in the world 


  • Reasonable accommodation, convenient time, and optimal tour services regardless of which country


  • The best offer in national/international fare, air ticket or other transportation cost


  • Possibility of seminar, meeting, training or other type of meeting hall/office based activities