Make friends with local people

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Make friends with local people
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Get out there, meet local people and have some fun!

Our itineraries are designed to allow you to become as involved as possible with the local communities we travel to. You will have plenty of opportunity to learn about the real lives of local people and Mongolian nomadic life.

Apart from hitting the major highlights of a destination, we also take you to those out-of-the-way (countryside)local sights that guidebooks don’t know of and many tourists never have the chance to see. We like to encourage our travellers to have a fully interactive experience, all the while respecting local cultures and customs.

There is no better way to experience a culture than to learn its language. Bring a book and try out your conversational skills along the way. When you embark on your tour you'll have new language skills, new friends, more confidence, a deeper understanding of the people and fantastic new insights into the culture of the destinations you'll be visiting.

On many of our tours you will have opportunities to learn to cook authentic local cuisine in optional classes. There are also optional activities like available depending on the tour destination.