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The Golden Eagle Festival in Bayan-Ulgii Province, found within Altai Mountains of Western Mongolia is a unique emotional and primal connection between man and beast. It started in Central Asia over two centuries ago by Jalsa Urubshurow; who is among the Kazakh tribes, with the aim of preserving their tradition as well as to protect golden eagle. This is popularly called Berkut. From that time, Kazakh men and members of the Berkut Association which is a community-based conservation organisation, have been hunting from horseback with prepared brilliant golden eagles: the planet's biggest and most powerful raptors. Just across the Altai Mountains of Western Mongolia, creatures such as rabbits, foxes, marmots, and wolves are hunted and killed so as to get their hide which is an important piece of the customary Kazakh garments.


The festival is a unique the amazing golden eagle hunters and find out about their strategies of training a falcon, as well as using eagles for hunting and catching prey.

You should also plan to spend some time during your tour to the rugged Altai Mountains on horseback just as Mongol hunters do. Although, it is not necessary that you are a professional horse rider before you ride a Mongolia horse; Mongol horses are solid, yet little, which make them moderately simple to mount.

This unique and unforgettable experience additionally offers you the chance to meet the Kazakh individuals. You may decide to live with one of the Kazakh families for one or more days and get direct information on their exceptional society and custom. You will also get the opportunity to visit monumental places such as archaeological sites, provincial museum, market and their local mosque. In addition towards the excitement on the Eagle Hunt itself, you will probably experience being inside Altai Mountains, the most spectacularly beautiful elements of Mongolia and Central Asia.