The Mongolian language

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The Mongolian language
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Mongolian language is belongs to the Ural - Altaic language family. The largest group Khalkh speaks central Mongolian dialect and western Mongolian speak Kazakh and Tuva languages. Today more than 11 million people speak Mongolian. They live in Mongolia , Buriat republic of Russian federation , Inner Mongolia in China , Shingjan and Gansu regions of China ,

The old Mongolian continued from ancient times till 12 Century. Middle Mongolian period is 12-16 th Centuries.
Document composed in 1269. The modern Mongolian period started in the 17 th Century. The beginning of the period is characterized by the development of the standard written Mongolian language and book printing that use to wooden printing blocks. Mongolians have invented and used about 10 different kinds of scripts, letters and characters; square, Tod and Soyombo letters made a significant contribution to the development of the Mongolian language.