Tugrugiin shire

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Tugrugiin shire
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This 30m high cliff is situated 30km from Bulgan Soum, Umnugobi Aimag. You can visit Tugrugyn Shiree from north of Bayanzag – Flaming Cliffs by moving northwest passing south of Tevsh Khairkhan. You can find dinosaur bones from the area. Several fossilized young dinosaurs in their eggs were found here. Mongol-Poland joint expedition headed by doctor Barsbold discovered a famous find known as “Fighting Dinosaurs”. Tugrugyn Shiree is surrounded by muddy land and on the southwest there is a well called Tugrugyn Bulag. On the southeast there is a crescent-shaped sandy Ovoo (cairn).  From the north it seems to have a compacted soil.