Tolbo lake

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Tolbo lake
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Tolbo Nuur is a freshwater lake about 50km south of Ulgii, on the main road between Ulgii and Khovd City. It is high (2080m), expansive and eerie but the shoreline is treeless with few mosquitoes and a few families camp here every summer. A major battle was fought here in 1921 between the Bolsheviks and White Russians, with the local Mongolian general, Khasbaatar, siding with the Bolsheviks. The Bolsheviks won and there are a couple of memorial plaques by the lake.

A further 14km on from the eastern edge of the lake and 3km off the main jeep trail is the tiny settlement of Tolbo, which hosts a small Eagle Festival that includes horse games as well as eagle hunting. Tolbo sum (district), along with Deluun sum to the south are famed for their eagle-hunters and this is a great place to meet them. In fact a local hunter often waits by the road around 95km from Ulgii where the road narrows