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In Khalkh-Gol soum of Dornod province, there is a battlefield dating back to 1939; the Khanan statue; a statue for Yakovlev; a statue for the Mongolian border troops; the Statue complex for Victory, the commanding point of G.K. Jukov, the Commander of the Red Army Corps; the entrenchment of L. Dandar, where he was conferred with the title of Hero of Mongolia, and the place where M. Ekey was awarded the Hero of Mongolia. There are many statues in Choibalsan town, including those for H. Choibalsan, Soviet pilots, honored author Ts. Damdinsuren; Burte Ujin, poet Z. Nyamsuren, N.F. Gastello; Soviet hero General Kurilatkin; and a memorial statue at the place where Byantumen town was bombed; as well as tombs of Soviet troops. Khalkh river is historical place of World war II. Mongolian side won in favour of Russian country in Khalkh river battle against the Japan