Tsagaan suvaraga(White stupa)

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Tsagaan suvaraga(White stupa)
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White Stupa is a steep fissure which is situated northwest from Mount Del in Ulziit Soum, Dundgobi Aimag. It is clearly seen from Nudengyn Gobi. It was formed over time due to the erosion of a sedimentary mud in the sea bottom and looks like a stupa from far distance. From Far East it looks like a city ruin or a settlement. But, from west it looks like a flat steppe. During the strong storm, herds once died falling into the fissure which is 60m high, about 400m wide and has almost 900 steep banks. After rainfall, torrents of water flowing down the fissure looks like a massive waterfall. There is a 50m long cave situated among low hills about 85km from Ulziit Soum and 7km east from White Stupa. This cave is called “Khevtee Bosoogyn Agui” (Cave of Horizontal and Vertical) because in some parts of the cave one is forced to go vertically while in the other parts horizontally. There are 3 elms south of the cave.