Chinggis Khaan statue complex

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Chinggis Khaan statue complex
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Tourists may have a great feeling when they step in the homeland of Chinggis Khaan, but currently, there are almost no museums, memorials, displays about him. Therefore, the company gives and importance to the construction of this historical and cultural complex as one of the means to publicize our country to the world area. However, the Statue itself is regarded as the biggest among the world’s horseman statues. This Complex is located 53 km from Ulaanbaatar city, in the territory of Erdene county, Tuv province, nearby close to “Tuul” river, at the place called “Tsonjin Boldog”, which is rich with historical events. You don’t need to travel long rough road over several hundreds of kilometers. The Complex covers area of 80 sq. m. The Horseman statue is located in the center.


The statue is 42 m high, including its round shaped base construction. The top of the statue itself has a height of 30 meter. King’s museum, display hall, restaurant, pub, cafe, conference and meeting facilities, and souvenir shops are in the base construction. The elevator will take you up to the upper end the horse tail.  Walking through the part of horse chest and the edge of the saddle, you will reach to the forehead of horse. This is the last stop, where you enjoy farseeing and pleasant view of natural scenery. The statue is surrounded by furnished in modern style 800 of GERS. They are placed according to the forms of horse brand that were used by the13th century Mongol tribes. At night you will enjoy looking at these GER camps, which with theirs illuminations look like as the millions of stars in the sky. Construction haven` t completed not yet