The Capital city

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The Capital city
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The capital of Mongolia finally settled on its present site in 1778.

Territory of the Capital Ulaanbaatar city occupies 470,444 hectares of land, covering areas of the mountain ranges in the tributary basin of the Tuul river west bank, and the Tolgotiin Nuruu range to the north and Bogd Khan mountain. Holy mountains surround it; the Bogd Uul Mountain to the south, the Songino Mountain to the west, the Bayanzurkh Mountain to the east and the Chingeltei Mountain to the north.

Ulaanbaatar situates 1,250-2,000 meters high above sea-level.

The population of Ulaanbaatar – the administrative, political, economic, cultural and scientific center of the country – is 800,000 inhabitants. The livestock around the capital totals 270,200 heads.

The city has the only international airport in the country and the Trans-Siberian railway crosses Mongolia from north to south, stopping in Ulaanbaatar, connecting Moscow and Beijing.