Yolyn am – Vulture gorge

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Yolyn am – Vulture gorge
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.Yoliin Valley is the narrow canyon of a river that flows through Zuun Saikhan Mountain (2,816m above sea level). The gorge has sheer rock walls with a height of 200m in the central part of the gorge. It has been protected since 1965 and has an area of 70 square kilometers of strictly protected area. A spring is two or three kilometers long. The wind strongly flows through gorge and freezes into a thick corridor of ice that stretches along for a distance. During the rainy season, rain falls at the summit of the mountain and flows down into the sheer canyon, forming waterfalls. Only two people can pass through the narrowest part at the same time and you will see only a blue line of a sky. Ibex, mountain goat, red fox, vultures and other species of animals are local inhabitants of this place .A small museum marks the entrance to the protected zone and provides information on the petrified trees, fauna and flora of the Gobi.