Khongorym sand dunes

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Khongorym sand dunes
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This 180km long range of sand dune is situated at back of Mount Sevrei and Zuulun on west of Mount Gobi Gurvan Saikhan in Umnugobi Aimag. This sand dune is 3-15km wide and 15-30m high. Hundreds of sand dunes will be appeared from top of the Khongoryn Els. The scenery is brilliant with Rocky Mountains on the south, sand dunes in the centre and a river oasis on the north. Floodwater coming down from Mount Zuulun flows through the sand dune and absorbs into the soil. This absorbed water gives rise to a small river Khongor which flows for about 10km to west along the sand dune. At back of the sand dune there are several tourist camps from where one can reach the sand dune by riding or trekking on a camel. These tourist camps are located 5-17km apart from Khongoryn Els because in a stormy day sandstorm makes it difficult to see surrounding area. But in a windless sunny day the sight is extremely beautiful shimmering as if broadly scattered gold. While travelling in the sand dune, it will be easy to make your way to another top of the sand dune along the ridge. Since Khongoryn Els is a kind of friable sand, it is barely possible to climb through steep parts which will make you feel tired easily. There are many petro glyphs on a rock of Mount Sevrei and one of them is a painting of 4 hunters chasing after 5 mountain goats. Arches and bows held in their arms were ordinary and they are regarded to be belonged to the Bronze Age.