Taikhar stone

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Taikhar stone
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Thaikhar stone 20m high, big granite Taikhar rock has an interesting story. Once upon a time, a giant snake came out of a hole and started swallowing local people and animals. Local people asked for a help from a strong brave man named Bukhbilegt (Strong and wise). A brave man, Bukhbilegt went to save the people from the giant snake and grabbed a big stone from Bulgan Mountain to threw at the giant snake. He fought with the giant snake and pushed it to the hole and put the big rock on its head.
The giant snake tried to come out under the hole so that Bukhbilegt put his favourite arrow and bow on the big rock, Taikhar. Then, the giant snake couldn’t move. Local people say that if you see the Taikhar rock from higher place, you will see arrow and bow. Over 150 inscriptions in various scripts including Tibetan, Turkic, Mongolian and Chinese were carved on the Taikhar rock, but most of them seem to have barely appeared as time passes.